Angélica Castelló, Metal, Tapes, Electronic, Paetzold
Tobias Leibetseder, Metal, Electronic
Astrid Schwarz, Metal, Electronic

Steel Girls deal with the haptic quality as a prehistoric approach to the material, while also dealing with methods of processing metal. The resulting sounds also take on new ephemeral forms as digitized representations, by means of spectral analyzes in the form of resynthesis and transformations. These find a dialogue which resonates in a multi-layered manner with the instruments generated in this process. The intertwining of these many levels also reveals the performative quality inherent in the employment of this material.

Steel Girls make metal speak in a practical, simple form, which makes sensual poetry possible. The rawness, the resistance and the hardness of the metal and particularly the steel is counteracted by the exible. It is not just about the charm of production, like welding as performance, but also about the challenge of acoustics, the exhaustion of acoustic possibilities with and without electronics.

The rawness is shaped and not standardized, the proportions are pushed into the light so that the sparks y and something new can arise.

Spectacle applies to materialism in the ratio of content and form. The relationship between the laws of matter and that of form always had its own tension. The physical fabric from which artefacts are created is pushed into the foreground by the background. Put in the spotlight, positioned.

Steelgirls appreciate metal not only because of its metaphorical qualities, but also because of its durability, its inconspicuous lightness in sound.

copyright by Steel Gilrs